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Preventative dental care has advanced to the stage where we can guide you through visit after visit without the need for any treatment. Incorrect information can often circulate, in regards to looking after your teeth. We can provide you with dental care tips that are both accurate and effective. Our experienced dentists will advise you on skills, methods and techniques of controlling plaque.

By committing time to preventative dental care, you can minimise the amount of invasive dental treatments during your lifetime. Book Oral Health checks at the recommended frequency and follow our instructions to maintain excellent teeth and gums.

Gum disease is kept at bay due to regular scalings of the teeth, which, as a result, removes the plaque bacteria that you are unable to remove at home. At Leyburn Dental Practice, we attempt to detect early decay to prevent unnecessary discomfort and eliminate the need for fillings where possible.

Mouth cancer has become a growing concern, and this is why Leyburn Dental Practice will perform an evaluation at each Oral Health check. Early detection of mouth cancer dramatically increases chances of survival.

Leyburn Dental Practice have a comprehensive plan to provide gold standard preventative dental care. Make an appointment to start getting the most effective dental care tips and treatment.