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When suffering considerable discomfort in one of your teeth, it is only rationale to assume that you might have to get it removed. However, this is not frequently the case and we are often able to save your tooth.

The aforementioned discomfort can occur when the nerves within the root of one of your tooth dies. Discomfort is caused when the tooth becomes infected after the nerves die.

We can perform a root canal treatment  as a method of restorative dentistry to save your tooth. One of our highly experienced dentists will safely remove the dead or damaged nerve and fill the space that the root once filled. The final outcome is that you will avoid losing a tooth and the creation of a gap in your mouth.

Leyburn Dental Practice can provide emergency dental care when there is no time for an appointment to be made. The discomfort endured when dead nerves become infected can often necessitate that a root canal treatment needs to be performed.

Contact Leyburn Dental Practice immediately if you suddenly feel considerable discomfort in one of your teeth. Root canal treatments are vital within our provision of restorative dentistry.