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Teeth whitening is a relatively simple cosmetic dentistry treatment that enables you to improve the appearance of your teeth without having to make a sizeable investment. Our diets expose us to food and drink that stain teeth and cause them to become discoloured, making teeth whitening the logical treatment. Leyburn Dental Practice can guide you through the teeth whitening process and help you to achieve sparkling results.

For this process, custom-made bleaching trays are made – they are like very thin translucent gumshields. These trays are taken home and filled with the whitening gel and left-in ideally overnight for the period of one to two weeks.  During this time your teeth will gradually become whiter, noticeable even after one night.

These trays may then be used at any time to maintain your brilliant smile. At-home systems are individually fitted and monitored by your dentist and are a very effective and safe method of improving the appearance of discoloured teeth.

We can help you to transform your smile from dull to sparkling again, and all from a relatively simple treatment. Contact Leyburn Dental Practice to begin a course of teeth whitening.

Our latest offers on whitening gives you a saving of £82.00.

Normal price £381.00 – Offer price £299.00 – don’t hesitate, call us today to book your appointment.