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Hyperhidrosis is the medical term for excessive sweating and is a common condition affecting both men and women and can cause sufferers a great deal of embarrassment. Treatment for hyperhidrosis can be provided using botulin toxin injections during a single session treatment session. Results take around 10-14 days to fully develop with results that last 4-6 months.

When effective, treatment can reduce underarm sweating by 70-90%. Many patients seek treatment for hyperhidrosis ahead of a big day or simply to generally feel more confident to day.

The treatment can also be performed on the soles of feet and palms of the hands.


Although Botulinum Toxin (often referred to by the brand name Botox) is commonly known for its effectiveness in reducing wrinkles, it has a well-established medical application for its ability to block the nerve’s signal to the skins sweat glands.


Treatment is delivered by using micro-injections to the underarm area to directly target the sweat glands. Treatment typically requires 20 injections per armpit, although this seems daunting most clients find the treatment to be more comfortable than expected.


Although any medical procedure carries risks, botulinum toxin has an excellent safety profile, and the dose requirements for hyperhidrosis treatment are minimal, therefore minimising the risks