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Dental implants represent a revolutionary advancement for restorative dentistry. Missing teeth can be replaced using cutting-edge dental techniques, thereby eliminating undesirable gaps to enhance your smile.

Dental Implants are used to help replace a tooth or teeth that are missing. They are artificial roots that are gently placed into the jawbone where the tooth once was. As they are made of titanium, the implant has the ability to fuse to the bone and cannot be seen once they have been surgically implanted. Titanium is also bio compatible, which means that it will not be rejected by the body.

The process begins with the placement of these titanium fixtures into the bone of your jaw. After an appropriate healing period, a tooth or teeth are attached to replace teeth.

Dental implants are widely considered to be the gold standard technique of restorative dental care for replacing missing teeth and offer several health benefits compared to other treatment options. They can also be used to stabilise existing dentures, particularly useful in the lower jaw where dentures are often loose. The dentures can be connected to implants via press-stud like connections.

Our ability to provide our patients with dental implants highlights the superior quality of Leyburn Dental Practice.

Of all the dental treatments offered by Leyburn Dental Practice, dental implants are definitely among the most advanced. Browse our other dental treatments for more options.