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Your first appointment at the practice will be an Initial Consultation, this is a slightly longer appointment than usual just so we can spend time with you and learn about your oral and general health. We will ask you to complete a medical questionnaire (this will be checked at every appointment).

During this 40 minute appointment we will undertake a thorough dental assessment including a soft tissue investigation and we may take x-rays if necessary. An oral cancer check is standard at all routine examinations as early detection is vital.

We will offer preventative advice, assess your gum health and provide you with a comprehensive treatment plan and let you know the expected costs.

From here you will given options on how you wish to register with us, either private pay as you go or by budgeting for your dental care by paying monthly with our Denplan dental plans.

Don’t forget we provide quality NHS care for children up to the age of 18 (free of charge).

Call us today on 01969 622132 to book an appointment.

We’re looking forward to meeting you.